Stuart Cable Tribute

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Message*:In honour of Stuart Cable, on July 25th Killing For Company will be releasing a single dedicated to his memory.
The proceeds from the single “Former Mining Town” will be donated to, Teenage Cancer Trust and T? Hafan.

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Greg Jones  – Singer for Killing For Company

“I am so sorry for your loss…”

“RIP Stuart! What a drummer you were. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends…”
Kris M

“The infectious joy, enthusiam and passion for music shone through at every performance i saw i Stuart at. There have been some truly monumental shows with Stuart a huge part of them.”
Kirsty Morris

“R.I.P Stuart Cable you will always be remembered…”
Jess Uppington

“Stuart has had a huge impact on my life and I will miss him greatly. I don’t think I would be the same person today without Stuart and the Stereophonics. I was lucky enough to have met him on a number of occasions and I will alway remember him as someone special.”
Dwayne Jones

“Such a terrible loss, so young. I have many happy memories of Stuart from my earliest Stereophonics following years (12 years ago), he was such a great, energetic guy with such an infectious sense of fun. My thoughts go out to his family and friends. RIP Mr Cable x”
Ilsa Williamson

“I’m still shocked by his early death, and I’d like to send my conolences to his family. These pictures were taken during the Italian gig of Milan, March 3rd 2002. Unfortunately it was the only chance I had to see Stuart, and he is the only band member I’ve never meet before or after a show. Stuart even if I saw you only once, I’ll never forget you. You’ll be my drummer forever. I miss you.”
Enrico Tinterri

I thought at first it might have been ‘Billy Davey’s Daughter’- they have the ‘Same Size Feet’, you know? ‘Mr Writer’ exclaimed he ‘Looks Like Chaplin’ and started the rumours, saying he ate ‘Too Many Sandwiches’ and was seen drinking from the ‘Goldfish Bowl’. I said ‘Half The Lies You Tell Ain’t True’, pointed to the front door and told him to ‘Have A Nice Day’. ‘Just Looking’ for myself, seeing him with his ‘T-Shirt Sun Tan’, I half expected him to ‘Roll Up And Shine’, just as he did with ‘The Bartender And The Thief’ back in ‘Plastic California’ on our ‘Caravan Holiday’ last week. Look how far he had come from that ‘Local Boy In The Photograph’; some say there’s ‘More Life In A Tramps Vest’- not this guy, not the ‘Last Of The Big Time Drinkers’. How he’s changed from that boy from back when we used to sit on his ‘Rooftop’, watching the ‘Traffic fly by: we used to ‘Watch Them Fly Sundays’.

‘Maybe Tomorrow’ when you first hear the news you’ll think ‘I Wouldn’t Believe Your Radio’…’A Minute Longer’ it will sink in, you’ll realise it is ‘Not Up To You’who goes or when, whether it ‘Is Yesterday, Tomorrow, Today’, or whether it is even ‘Nice To Be Out’ of touch with so many good friends you have.

Normally, ‘Every Day I Think Of Money’, but, ‘Maybe’ today I will turn my thoughts to something else- and I imagine everyone else whose life you have touched will do the same. And that is to say: “I Miss You Now”- Stuart Cable, 1970- 2010.
Luke Axford

“So terribly shocked and saddened by the news of Stuart’s passing. You’d have to go a long way to find someone with such a loud, loveable and fun presence. A unique character indeed. He will be missed dreadfully and my thoughts go out to all that knew and loved him. Stuart – I hope the angels had a large shephards pie waiting for you when you reached Rock Heaven xxx”
Louisa Cannon

“No lo puedo creer, todavua estoy shockeado por esta triste noticia… Demostraste ser un musico de primer nivel Stuart, siempre te recordaremos. Descansa en paz udolo.”
Maxi Zapata

“My heart sank when I first found out about this. Absolutlely gutted. He was one of the reasons i got so attached to the band, without him they wouldnt be the band they are today. This is not just a sad day for the fans but for music as a whole. He was a fun loving guy and will be missed but never never forgotten.”
Jack Barker

“RIP Stuart you will always be a stereophonic to me.”

“I just wanted to say im so sorry for your loss.”
Thomas Roberts

“Only the good die young. The thunder in the clouds will be a lot louder now Stuart’s there. RIP Stuart, my thought’s are with his family”

“So So sad!!! I am totally shocked to hear the news,you were such a funny person, you had me chuckling through your book RIP Stuart Cable, my thoughts are with all your loved ones you’ve left behind, Kerri, x”
Kerri Morris

“I keep thinking about the news of Monday (my birthday).
For me, Stuart will remain forever a member of the Stereophonics.
His smile, his joy of life and its twist will be missed.
I think of him, his family, but also to all those who knew him”

“I am very sorry for your loss.  I understand Stuart, Kelly and Richard were good friends who started Stereophonics.  It was this special combination of friendship and talent which got the band the recognition they deserved.  Stuart will be greatly missed by his family and friends.”
Jim Fritzges

“I am greatly saddened by the loss of Stuart Cable. I deeply respected the man as a person and as a performer. He will be missed by everyone around the world. and i’m sure everyone will lay down the flowers and sit on the banks drink for hours about the way they saw him last, he is the local man in the photograph. be lucky x”
Scott Hunter

“I never had the honour of meeting Stuart and sadly I now never will.  He was part of the creation of one of the greatest bands that ever graced our beautiful planet and for that he will always be remembered.

Drummers are often the unknown member of a band but everyone who loved the Phonics knew and loved him.

My thoughts are with you all at this tragic time, your pain will pass but life will never be the same again.  When you are feeling down just think of the joy he brought to millions.”
Phil Spivey

“Stuart, you were a cracking character whose enthusiasm for rock music was catching. I loved your shows. Thanks for introducing me to music I might not otherwise have heard, as well as giving us your own.”

“It is because of you, and your talent that I really got into music. Word Gets Around is one of my favourite albums, and always will be. I never got to see you play live, but always admired your energy and humour. RIP Stuart. My thoughts are with your family.”

“I love music, part of the reason I love music is that I love the Stereophonics, and part of the reason I love the the Stereophonics, is because of a great man named Stuart Cable, pure class, pure legend, he will be sorely missed x”
Chris Jack

“RIP Stuart. Always a huge fan of the band & the early years always hold special memories for me. Saw Stuart play with the band at Wembley Stadium (supporting Aerosmith), Shepherds Bush & Wembley Arena. He always contributed to a great show.

He will always be an important part in Stereophonics history & I know all the fans never stopped having a soft spot for him.

Many thoughts & much sympathy to all his family & friends.


“Stuart, we will never forget you!”
Felix Lenschow

“Stuart was a true character. RIP”
Marty Downey

“So saddened by the tragic loss of such a talented, much loved peer of our Welsh community.Such a down to earth valley boy, with a huge personality, who touched the lives of many.. my heart truly goes out to his family and friends.. He will be sadly missed, but fondly remembered by many.. RIP Stuart ..xxxx”
Joni Morris

“I am so sad to here of stuarts death he was a one off, he is one of those people i felt like i knew but never did, i spent years listening to stereophonics and travelling all over the place watching them live and he was the main reason for this, he had so much energy and passion, he made me want to start playing the drums as he made it look like so much fun. i never got to meet stuart but i would of loved to of spent a couple of hours chatting to him, he looked like he had time for people which so many other rock stars dont seem to. I was really looking forward also to going to see his new band when they went on tour, im gutted im not going to be able to see him now. I would really like also to go to stuarts final resting place if i could find out where it was so i can pay my proper respects! my heart goes out to all of stuarts family who have lost a very special person RIP X”
Adam Robertson

“From Portugal, I’d like offer my condolences to all Stuart’s family.”

“R.I.P. Stuart te deseamos lo mejor en tu nueva vida y nos uedamos con todo lo que hiciste.”

“Although stuart left the band a long time ago his time as part of the stereophonics will never be forgotton because Word gets around is still the best stereophonics album with so many classic sounds on there of i cant see that album getting beat anytime soon & that was stuarts time with the stereophonics R.I.P”

“Just want to say how absolutely gutted I am to hear the sad news about Stuart’s death this morning.
I never had the chance to meet him personally although I did kinda know him through other people and he knew me as well.
Only a few weeks ago I got a text message from a friend of him and Stu standing next to one of our band posters ( a Stereophonics tribute band) giving it a big thumbs down hahaha…
We exchanged a few messages on facebook about it and had a good laugh with it all..

Stuart was a very much larger than life character and love him or hate him, he would have anyone around him in fits of laughter!
To watch him playing the drums back in the early days of Stereophonics he was in his element. I’m just sad that I never got to see them with Stuart playing with them.

The world has just lost a great ambassador for Welsh music. Days like today make you realise how cruel life can be at times and this just brings it home to make you realise that each and every day of your life should be lived to the full – this is something Stu did every single second of every single day!

May your soul rest in peace big man!
We will all miss you so much.

Heaven just gained a new saint!!

RIP fella… you are one in a million!!”
Paul Higginson

“to stuart, i carnt say anything else,that hasent been said, your sadly missed, and a great talent gone, r.i.p. stu go drum for hendrix and kurt cobain mate, john lennons writeing some new stuff for you, xxxxxx”
Ste Phillips

“RIP Stuart Cable. Just so all of you know, Cable is irreplaceable. Another great loss after MJ. You will be missed greatly.”
Natasha F

“Stuart , your were the greatest , an absolute legend ,, im lucky enough to have seen ya with the band on numerous occasions ,, i will never forget these memories and your wild antics on stage ,, I wish all your family and friends an offer of condolences

You Will never be forgotten  by us , Keep the party going with the big man in the sky,

RIP Stuart Cable ,, An Icon”
Terry Shealy

“Stuart you helped make the Stereophonics what they are today and you play a big part in my life…as I love the way you drum and lived your life…to the full.
The beat goes on and meet you at that great gig in the sky…forever in my heart, my condolences also the The Cable Family.”
Scott Cleaver

“Stuart, Kelly and Richard started something brilliant, the best band in the world, REST IN PEACE MR CABLE.

Tom Magnay

“Stuart was an amazing drummer and is still in my heart forever.
Lots of love and wishes to stuarts family and friends <33 xx”
Natalie Jones

“Such a sad day. My thoughts and deepest sympathy go to Stuarts family and friends.
R.I.P Stuart you will be sadly missed xxx”

“It’s not often a ‘celebrity’ is as nice as Stuart was. He seemed to really love people and when he was out, he would always spend time with fans, never snubbing them.
He had an infectious energy and just the right amount of ‘naughtiness’.
People over use the word legend, but to me he was and always will be.
What a sad day, but Heaven will be rocking tonight..Rock In Peace Stuart x”

“I love music, part of the reason I love music is that I love the Stereophonics, and part of the reason I love the the Stereophonics, is because of a great man named Stuart Cable, pure class, pure legend, he will be sorely missed x”
Chris Jack

“Shocked and saddened to hear this tragic news. An immensely talented drummer and larger than life personality! We will miss you our Welsh brother. Such a talent, such a loss. Heaven’s got themselves one hell of a drummer now! ;-) RIP Stuart; Nos da cariad. xxx”
Claire Price

“I keep thinking about the news of Monday (my birthday). For me, Stuart will remain forever a member of the Stereophonics. His smile, his joy of life and its twist will be missed. I think of him, his family, but also to all those who knew him”

“RIP you legend. Your memory will live on”
Marcus O’Neill

“Stuart was one of those guys that makes me proud to be Welsh. He was a founding member in the band that made me want to pick up a guitar and play music. He will be missed by everyone. If it wasn’t for Stuart I would not be the man I am today because the time when he was in the phonics was an important time for me and it was the time I used to listen to the word gets around album on repeat for hours on end. He will be greatly missed by all and will go down as one of the greatest Welsh personalitys ever.
RIP Stu. Keep on rocking up in heaven mate.”
Luke Beasley

“What an absolutely shocking and terrible day. The light has truly gone out. Stuart will be sorely missed, always our Local Boy in the Photograph.”

“I remember going to the MEN arena to see the YGGTTCB tour. You weren’t there and it was strange. Now you are not here at all, feels stranger still. R.I.P Stuart….Wales has lost a great personality, and ambassador for Welsh music and culture!x”

“Stuart was a hugely talented and entertaining drummer who I loved to watch both with Stereophonics and later with Killing for Company.  He was also a charming and funny guy with a big personality and that wonderful big grin!  I will miss him greatly and so will the world of music.  My thoughts are with his friends and family xx”
Toni Fuller

“I was shocked on hearing the sad new this morning, having been a Stereophonics for many years I have seen Stuart perform many times, his passion was amazing, his personality larger than life.

There is an extra angel in heaven tonight and the thunder we hear in the future will be twice as loud thanks to the power of his drums

Sleep tight”
Lisa P

“I wont pretend to have known Stuart but he came across as a truely awesome, down to earth, side splittingly funny guy & to be honest, you dont find many genuine people like that around. My deepest sympathies to you all at this very sad, sad time. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”
Jo Andrews

“Thanks for changing our lives with your music, Stuart.  You really were the nicest man in rock and did not deserve to be taken from us so soon.”
Mike and Stacy

“I can’t believe this happened to such a nice guy. Without him the name Stereophonics wouldn’t exist. He was part of the Phonics prime and he will be sadly missed for all he done in entertainment. R.I.P Stuart, condolences to his family and friends.”
Thomas Lloyd

“RIP Stuart, you were one of my heroes. You will never be forgotten.”
Mark Gillot

“Thank you Stuart for making me laugh. Such a funny and kind person who made the Australian tours that much more fun for me. The Stereophonics were never the same afer you left.RIP mate xxxx”

“once again someone leaves us far to soon only the good die young r.i.p. stuart you will  be missed”
John Fletcher

“Stuart, you were a cracking character whose enthusiasm for rock music was catching. I loved your shows. Thanks for introducing me to music I might not otherwise have heard, as well as giving us your own.”

“RIP Stuart!!! What a drummer you were. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

You were taken too soon

Forever a legend”
Kris M

“RIP to a top drummer. I cant imagine what your family are going through, stick together!

My 1st ever gig was seeing the boys at Newcastle Arena in 1999. My one lasting memory from that gig was Stuart giving 110% to the end of Too Many Sandwiches. I think it was from that point that i realised what rock n roll really was.

Rip fella”
Sunderland Robbo

“Such a great loss. My deepest thoughts and love to Stuart’s family & friends at this sad time. He will be missed x”
Charlotte Merlehan

“Much too young but you achieved a lot and helped others along the way..

RIP Stuart.”
David Morley

“Goodbye Stuart,
You could’ve given so much more to the world, it is sad to see you go.

“Rest in piece Stuart, a true legend and a very talented drummer.  It was an honour to meet you a couple of years ago and get your autograph.  It hasn’t moved from my bedroom wall since that day in 2007.  Listening to Word Gets Around as I type this, one of my favourite albums.  Thank you, and rest peacefully.
Jack Fowles

“Hey man!!! Thanks for amazing times, what a drummer and a big big personality!! It was an absoulte pleasure to have met you! You will always have a place in my heart!! RIP Stuart KEEP ON ROCKING x”
Aaron World

“Stuart, You will be missed, always an entertainer, forever a legend. Your music will live on. Rest In Peace”
Carl English

“Part of my favourite band, there music shaped my teenage years, I always hoped he would return stereophonics aren’t the same without him, i was shocked when i head the news. He’ll be missed by who mattered the most family friends and fans, r.i.p”

“My sincerest sympathy to his family and friends.He will be missed.”
Caz Mixon

“Love to your family friends band mates new and old and your girlfriend…….such a sad sad loss.
There will be one great gig in the sky with you there xxxxx”
Justine Warren

“Have been abroad and just turned my phone on to loads of texts about this, just couldnt believe it. A man who with his music, truly changed my life. R.I.P Stu, rock on, smile on, forever.
My love and thought to Stus family and friends x”

“words cannot say enough,my thaughts and heart are with you at this sad time…but i would also like to thank you for the time and music stu shared with us,many thaughts and thanks”
Tony Nicholson

“I was so lucky to have seen Stuart playing with the band back in the early days and met him on quite a few occasions.  What a really lovely person he was, so down to earth and obviously a huge heart.  How very sad that he has been taken away from us all and we will no longer get to enjoy the pleasure of watching him play.  My love to all his friends and family. The skies have a new star.”
Saffi Rabey

“Thanks for every single note you recorded and played for us Stuart.
We’ll miss you very much!!!”

“RIP Stuart :( you’ll always be in our minds and hearts. My thoughts are with your family and friends. x”

“The man who made the Stereophonics Welsh.He will be missed by so many. Rest in Peace Stuart. Thank you Butt x”
Karl Jones

“One of my rock heroes, always looking like he was enjoying himself, a mate to those that knew him, an inspiration for those who didn’t…rest in peace.”
Joe Smith

“an excelent drummer, a fantastic guy who always made everyone around him smile and a great man.
you will be missed, RIP Stu”
Charles Gonzalez

“Will miss you Stu,the boy whos drums rocked the valleys.
God Bless You Boyo.”
Mark Morgan

“A true legend and inspiration! without stu, kelly, rich and ‘ROll up and shine’, I would never have picked up a guitar so i owe you all so much! Thanks and RIP Stu.”

“I still can’t believe it. You were always such a charismatic drummer, who added another dimension to the band. I’ve heard so many stories of how nice a guy he truly was. A tragic loss.”
Tom Scotting

“I seen stu in concert so many times and biggest compliment i can give him was even as the drummer you went away laughing at him even though you were supposed to not notice them! he was always laughing , pulling faces and rocking out. The stereophonics were never the same after him. r.i.p big man”
Stephen Gilliland

“Fantastic drummer.
Not seen him live, but was watching an old dvd of the phonics at cardiff castle and remember being amazed at the energy Stu had and the crazy faces he made!

Really funny guy in the out takes too. My sympathies to his family and friends.”
John MacKenzie

“Asda car park, Merthyr, 1998, my cousin requested a Cardiff Castle ticket on my behalf after it had long been sold out. Without hesitation, it was sorted. Just one, I’m sure, of a number of memories that speak volumes for the man. Born entertainer, will remain dear to this heart. RIP. X”
Joe Kinsey

“Rest in peace.”

“Can’t believe he’s gone. Bonzo, Moonie and now Stu; every time O hear the sound of thunder I’ll know who’s making a racket in heaven.

RIP mate.”
Dave Crowley

“Dude I can’t believe you’re gone its tragic! Such a waste. I was supposed to have a drum lesson with you through Kerrang but never got to do it – Wish I had done it sooner. You’ve left a massive hole in music bud. You’ll not be forgotten! Rest in peace bro – feel for your family!”
Tom Peary

“such a sad loss i had pleasure of meetin you in glasgow few years ago a huge grin that was infectious r.i.p chief”
Gavin Campbell

“A truly talented man and a lovely one too. My thoughts are with you all, such a sad loss.”
Anji Doyle

“Thoughts are with your family. Go and rock up the heavens now big man and Thankyou for your everlasting contributions to music. Lots of Love x x”

“An absolute legend, you will never be forgotten! I met the band just before the split and Stuarty was fantastic, I was always hoping for your return to the band. Maybe in the next life brother!”
Matthew English

“RIP Stu, but never forget to rock & roll…wished you would have been around “A minute longer”, for that matter hrs., days, weeks, months, years more…you will live forever in Stereophonics music and in everything else you did in life…Thanks for the memories!”
Rafael Delgado

“Always in my heart.”
Luca Migliori

“my thoughts are with you all at such a sad time, a valley boy to the end always remembered X”
Dawn Pilling

“Cheers for all the great memories Stu. Forever a Phonic! :)
Ciarán Reilly

“A hero, a legend! Gone , but never forgotton our kid! A one off!”
Matthew English

“Very special guy. legend of a drummer. im deeply upset i will never get to meet you. i wish  all his family and friends condolences. such a great loss :( xxx”
Heater Watson

“I will never forget Stuart’s tremendous work with the Stereophonics. He was a truly magnificent drummer and we all appreciate his work. I’m sure that no words are sufficient o describe the loss felt after losing Stuart and for that I would like to extend my most sincere and deepest condolences and symphony.”
Darragh Coffet

“R.I.P stuart Cable. . . .my name is john, I am a fiteen year old living in southern ireland and my dad is from south wales . . as a drummer, stuart was on of my idols and the stereophonics have been my favourite band for as long as i can remember. . last year during a trip home with my family to our my dad’s birthplace (llanelli), he took me to cwmaman to see the village as i was such a great fan of the ‘phonics. . i asked almost the entire population of the village where kelly, richard and stuart were born and i was over the moon to see the working men’s club where they played their fist show . . . this is my memory of stewart and i wish his family the best of luck in the future!!! love from clonakilty in West Cork, Ireland!!!XX”
John Mears

“It is because of you, and your talent that I really got into music. Word Gets Around is one of my favourite albums, and always will be. I never got to see you play live, but always admired your energy and humour. RIP Stuart. My thoughts are with your family.”

“I am gutted to the core to here this news. I met the band when I done the security for there HMV instore gig a while a go. Stuart was a top bloke and the drumdticks he gave me have always taken pride of place, even more so now. God Bless fellow R.I.P”

“R.I.P Stuart…so sad xx”
Niki Drysdale

“RIP Stuart. You was brilliant in all that you tryed and always done it in a humerous way. You really did know how to make people laugh. You have been a big part and an inspiration to many. You will always be in our thoughts and hearts and missed. My thoughts are with your loved ones at this time. Rest in Peace. x”

“Stuart – you were an absolute legend! I never had the pleasure of getting to see you perform live but have plenty of videos and DVDs of you performing with Stereophonics and you were a truly talented and gifted performer!  You always brought a smile to my face with your animated drumming! I’ll never forget you! Rest in Peace x”

“Stuart you were a fantastic drummer and a good gut. you will be greatly missed. x”

“great great man, big part of my growing up”
Stuart Edington

“You were very good”

“Such a tragic loss, rest in peace Stuart, our thoughts are with you all.”
Nick Hayward