High Times & Headlines

By Mike Black - Released: April 4, 2000 - 144 pages

Part of the current renaissance in Welsh rock music, the Stereophonics have already had a number one album and pushing for fame in America. This book tells the story of the band”s rise to fame.’

This is the first comprehensive and unauthorised biography of the most popular UK three-piece since the Jam. Stereophonics – High Times & Headlines follows their rocket rise to fame, analysing their musical achievements in detail while exploring the neighbourhood gang mentality that keeps their feet firmly on the ground. It details the breaks that brought them their recording contract, their healthily cynical attitude to the music business in general and their stunning live performances.

Just three years after signing to Richard Branson’s V2 record label, Stereophonics – Kelly Jones, Richard Jones and Stuart Cable – have sold over a million records, picked up a hatful of awards and played to 50,000 fans at their own open-air concert in their native south Wales.

Their 1997 debut Word Gets Around detailed the sad, sordid and sympathetic tales of small-town life, in the process bringing them both acclaim and the Best Newcomer award at the following year’s Brits. Kelly Jones’ lyrics have brought back literacy and a rarely found depth to rock.

1999′s Performance And Cocktails saw Stereophonics-mania explode. Kelly’s wider world view, expanded by his travels with the band, produced stunning singles such as The Bartender And The Thief and Just Looking, powerfully extending their influence to a Top 20 audience.

Stereophonics have been crowned ‘the biggest band in Britain’ by Melody Maker magazine.